At Synge & Byrne we strive to provide awesome Food,
Coffee & outstanding customer service


If you would like to be part of our team now is your chance as Synge&Byrne Dungannon is finally here and we are looking for Food Warriors, Customer Service Jedi’s and Coffee Fanatics to join us as we breath new life into a Tyrone Legend.


Inspired Globally


Created Locally

We are about urban with rural, industrial with agricultural, modern with traditional – blended in a harmonious mix of exotic teas, coffee and down to earth good old fashioned food, which is both inspiring and inviting – blended in a harmonious mix, which is both inspiring and inviting.







100% traditional

We honour our local roots and yet seek to open a door to our culinary future. Taking the best local ingredients, sprinkled with international flare and savoured in the ambience that each individual Synge&Byrne offers the richness of Ireland’s home delights.




No beards or avocados were harmed in the making of this site… We actually really like moustaches.






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